Biyernes, Setyembre 6, 2013


It's just a simple #OOTD for me today, you might call it a lazy outfit. Cause, my whole outfit today is sooooo comfy. It's breezy, comfy, and simple with a classy edge. And let me tell you, it's so in the budget. Why? How? Well, online shopping and exploring the Metro. It's really smart to buy clothes if you know that some stores or boutique has the same look and texture, right? It's really all about the STYLE and not BRAND. So explore, recreate, and style! I can really say that this kind of style is very applicable to all students, especially COLLEGE STUDENTS, because come on? College is really expensive. To save more without paying to much in your leisure, thrift! And it's not that bad. Trust me. :)

Skater skirt from @fashionetc ( online shop in instagram )

Cross muscle shirt from World Trade Center

Watch from @jekaloha bling ( online shop in instagram )

Circle sunnies from Forever 21

Fleur-de-lis loafers from Itti

More FRIENDLY STYLISH TIPS on my blog on my next outfit post.


Sabado, Agosto 31, 2013

Garden of Eden

It's been a while, huh. I've been so busy for  this past few weeks because its our Preliminary Exam Week. Gosh, it's so stressful that's why I haven't post any look. And also, my blog is under construction. Have I told you that i'm a Hotel and Restaurant Management student in the University of Santo Tomas? Well, my plan for my blog is that I wont just be blogging about clothes, but also food. I will really try to post every week if possible. I want to share to the world how to explore food and be inspired and let your look speak through on your look. It's really hard to blog and study at the same time.

Flower Crown: DIY by yours truly ( I could make and sell it by request ) 

Details of the dress

Vest from: oopsydaisy online shop in Instagram

Peplum Dress: from Petite Monde

Lipstick Matte: FS ( Ambrosia Shade )

Chunky Heels: from Primadonna

Ring: from Forever 21

Thank for dropping by, hope you all love my look. :)

I could sell Floral Crowns by Request just comment or message me in Facebook.


Sabado, Hunyo 15, 2013

My love for you is RED

Okay, I just wanna share about my first two weeks about my college life so far. It was.. tiring, lonely, fun, exciting. But, mostly the lonely part, because it was my first time to be separated from my family. But, i'm getting use to it. And that's the first reason why I don't blog lately. I have no time, but I still am trying my best to post sooner. And I chose to do this look because my brother's birthday is today. :) TAYLOR SWIFT INSPIRED. :) 

Striped top: Bebe

Skater Skirt: @fashionetc

Flower Crown: By yours truly, My 1st DIY crown. :)

Top Sider Inspired: Primadonna

I hope you like my look! Comments is much appreciated. 

Photograph by: Maria Therese Cunanan ( My sister )



Miyerkules, Mayo 22, 2013

Hipster slash Vintage

Okay, this is my late OOTD-outfit of the day look. I'll really try to be active on posting my look. Beacuse, i'm so busy finishing all my activity and settling all my clothes and etc. Okay, this is my look. Uhm, the flower crown i'm wearing is my own DIY, I made it myself. I'll blog the first one in my next look. This lok is more like a hipster vintage, don't you think? I'm really trying to try some new looks. Hope you like it!

Flower Crown: My DIY

Top: Forever 21

Shorts: Lhasa

Combi Boots: Primadonna 

My ring: From Jekaloja Accesories 

My gold Watch: Seiko

My Arm Candies: Tomato ( Gift from my classmate )

Photographer: Ma. Therese Cunanan ( My sister )

I would love to know what you think with my look.


Lunes, Abril 22, 2013


   Okay, About my look today as you can see I invited my friends over to join me on my blog post today. This was again a late blog post. Sorry about that, because my friend uploaded our photos just a while ago. So MY look is HER look and HER look is MY look. See, i'm wearing my friends outfit today, this wasn't part of our plan but we decided to change looks. And they're wearing my clothes. *The Red and Purple one* Please do wait for my own blog post alone for those look. I hope you like our outfit for today! :)

This is My Friend Lea Marie Alferos. She's wearing my floral skirt and red sleeveless polo and mt heart     neclace. 

And this is My other Friend Rachel Bagalay. She's wearing Chrisha's dress and my bangles.

And this is MY other Friend Chrisha Enriquez. She's wearing my aztec skirt and tang top and my my feather neclace.

And last but not the least MY LOOK, I'm wearing Crisha's Clothes. 

My Pumps Shoes: Natasha

The Belt: SM Accesories

Blouse: SM Department Store

Details of the blouse: Inspired Detachable collar.

Back Detail: Back triangle hole.

My pumps: Natasha

Thank you for viewing my blog today! :) Hope you like OUR look!
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